Do I need to register before placing an order?

You do not need to register before placing an order. You may register as soon as you have finished shopping,  or you might as well check out as a Guest. Our registration process is fast, free, and will save you time for future purchases. Just a reminder, you can enjoy $10 discount coupon after signing-in to JewelJam.
Why should I become a registered user?
There are 2 big reasons to register as a user on JewelJam. First, you will no longer be required to re-enter your shipping or billing addresses every time you order online. Whenever you place an order,  we will deliver your items to your registered address on file, unless you direct us otherwise.
And we will keep your shopping bag for you until you come back. So you can take your time checking who @ you, and share your amazing pictures (hopefully also ours) on Instagram and Pinterest, and whenever you are ready to order, you could do so with only one click! Just a heads up here! We do not guarantee that the items you added on your bag will still be available by the time you are back. So it is always better to hurry! 
How do I change my account information?

As soon as you log on to your account with your email address and password, it will direct you to your account overview where you can edit all the information you need.
Is it safe to buy jewelry online?
Definitely! Especially from JewelJam! Unique pieces you can find on JewelJam are designed by top emerging designers that are scattered all around the world. Take our word in that, none of them will be easy to find elsewhere. So you better order! 
And at JewelJam, we take your security very seriously. We never ever store any financial information on our servers. In addition, any other sensitive customer information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored on secured servers. To find out more about how we value your information, please feel free to review our Privacy section.
Do you restock items that are sold out?

Yes, we do! So you better keep an eye on us! There is a big chance you can find that piece you adored but didn't purchase just because you thought you could find something better somewhere else. Face it! That is the one for you! Also, if you leave your email address and let us know which of the uniquely handcrafted designs you would like to have, we will let you know as soon as we get that one back in stock.
How do I check on the status of my order?
If you are already a JewelJam member, you can easily view the status of your order by logging into your JewelJam account and clicking on Past Orders. Please allow us 2 business days to review, process and ship your order.
If you are not yet a member, here is one great advice: You should become one! Things will run a lot faster & smoother. Though that is not the answer to your question. Our confirmation emails will never take longer than 30 minutes after your order. So please check your inbox, and in some cases your Spam. If it has been 30 minutes and you still have not heard from us, please send an email to Customer Service.
After the initial confirmation email, within 2 business days, you should receive an email from us with your shipping information in it. Again, if the email is late, feel free to send our customer service an email with your Order Number. 
Why was my order canceled?
Whenever JewelJam is unable to verify the billing information that was entered on the order, or the billing address does not match with what the credit card issuer or bank has on file, you will receive an email from our customer service to review the information and re-enter. We do allow our valuable customers to take 2 business days to review and update that information to us. We know how busy your life could be, but still, if we do not hear from you within that time period, unfortunately, your order will be automatically canceled.
Though please do remember, you can always reorder!
What is JewelJam's Return & Refund policy?
We try very hard to make sure you enjoy every piece that you purchase from JewelJam. We are happy to provide 30 day free returns to our valuable customers, as well as a flexible refund policy. Please take a look at our Return policy section.  
How can I leave feedback for a purchase I have made?
We know that you want to leave feedback to that brilliant designer who created the piece of your dreams! Well if you are already a member, your awaiting feedbacks will be under My JewelJam - Feedbacks.
For the ones who are not yet members, now is the time! Just leave your email and use the password you have been using for all your shopping spree! Done and done! Now you are free to leave your precious thoughts, and let the designer and us know what we are good and bad at. Please remember, you have 60 days to add a feedback to a purchase. We know it sounds a lot, still, it is best not to wait until the very last minute. Time flies, as the old saying goes.
One more great option you have! You can always let the whole world know of the gorgeous gems you purchased from us. Just hashtag JeweljamNY and we will share it on our IG 😍
A mistake with my feedback! What can I do?

If you made a mistake in your feedback, just email Customer Service and we will take care of it with pleasure!
Do you send overseas?
Not yet, but we will soon! Please check our International section for updates.
I cannot find the answers to my questions, how do I reach Customer Service?

Please click here or send an email to Customer Service